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Miscellaneous Articles:

  1. Shock Collars – The Ugly Truth.pdf
    Please consider supporting the effort to Ban Shock Collars In Canada –
  2. Purebred Dogs:  A Moral Minefield
  3. If you’re looking for a trainer, here’s something to think about . . . “balanced training” – really? A good article by Eric Brad, Life As A Human, The Online Magazine
  4. Signs of Stress in Dogs, Valerie Barry and Lisa Kerley
  5. Dog Training With Food, Valerie Barry and Lisa Kerley
  6. Rally Obedience – A Fun New Dog Sport!, Valerie Barry and Lisa Kerley
  7. Mental Madness, Valerie Barry and Lisa Kerley – tips and information on mental stimulation and exercise.  For more information on Mental Exercise, click here

Information on the Myth of “Dominance”, “Alpha” and “Pack” terminology:

Check out these links for the truth behind the popular misconception of using “Dominance” and “Alpha” based training methods for dogs.  Dogs are not truly “Pack” animals in a play for “Dominance” in our homes.  There is no ladder of “Social Hierarchy” they are trying to climb.  Sadly, despite much researched evidence to the contrary, many media sources continue to perpetuate this inaccurate and old-fashioned belief and many dogs are paying the price.  Help spread the RIGHT message – train with brains not brawn!

  1. Do Your Homework, Andrew Luescher DVM PhD DACVB – Before the “Dog Whisperer” ever aired, National Geographic requested a review of the show by Dr. Andrew Luescher, Director, Animal Behaviour Clinic, School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University.  This article contains his recommendations.
  2. Dominant Dog Theory Will Soon Be But a Whisper (APBC November 2009)
  3. Using Dominance To Explain Dog Behaviour Is Old Hat.pdf (Science Daily, May 2009)
  4. TV Dog Behaviour Programs “Useless” and “Dangerous” (Telegraph, May 2009)
  5. If You’re Aggressive, Your Dog Wil Be Too (Science Daily, February 2009)
  6. Whatever Happened to the Term “Alpha Wolf”? (David L. Mech, Winter 2008)
  7. Forget Being Alpha In Your Pack (Kathy Sdao, 2008)
  8. Pack of Lies (M. Derr, New York Times, August 2008)
  9. The Dog Whisperer Controversy (Lisa Mullinax CPDT)
  10. Beyond the “Dominance” Paradigm (Patricia B. McConnell, PhD)
  11. Position Statement on Dominance, The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour
  12. Dogs’ Social Hierarchy and Pack Behaviour (Gail Fisher)
  13. Video of Dr. Ian Dunbar (founder, APDT) giving a lecture on Dog Friendly Dog Training


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