NOW Offering Classes in East Van, North Van and Coquitlam locations!

PLEASE NOTE:  All Class fees are non-refundable unless in the case of an emergency or in the event we cancel a class.  We will arrange make up classes if we have to postpone a class for any reason.  If you miss a class, we will do our best to include you in another class in order to make up a missed one, but we cannot guarantee this.

My Positive Puppy!

baby jack ears up

North Vancouver: Mondays at 7:15 pm
East Vancouver: Thursdays at 7:00 pm

4 or 6 weeks of 1-hour classes
$160 / $220 including GST
Register by calling:  604-868-5145 or email

In The Raw Food for Dogs and Cats
150 East 2nd Street
North Vancouver, BC

Ruff Stuff Dog Daycare
1730 Vernon Drive
Vancouver, BC

Don’t Have Your Puppy Yet? Book a pre-puppy package.
$235 / $295  including GST
1 private visit before puppy arrives
4-week or 6-week set of puppy classes

Who’s eligible for class? Healthy puppies who are 9 to 20 weeks of age and have been home for a week prior to the start of class.  We may require proof of vaccination for puppies under 5 months of age.

Attending a well run puppy class gives you an opportunity to take full advantage of your puppy’s earliest stage of development. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!   It’s a fantastic chance to develop your puppy’s confidence and help shape your puppy’s attitude and behaviour in a positive way.

My Positive Puppy classes are a fun, family-friendly experience using the latest knowledge in dog behaviour to set your puppy up for a lifetime of success.

Terrific Teens!

pic for teens on site

North Vancouver: Every 2nd Sunday at 11:00 am and 12:30 pm
East Vancouver: Thursdays at 8:00 pm
Coquitlam: Saturdays at 1:30 pm

Do you have a busy young dog?
A class for friendly dogs from 20 weeks to 2.5 years old.

6, 1-hour classes held every 2 weeks.
$220 including GST.
North Vancouver and Coquitlam outdoor locations
Register by calling:  604-868-5145 or email

Terrific Teens is a class designed for the challenges of the first two years raising your young dog.  We work on  increasing focus and involvement, impulse control and appropriate social and play skills.

Activities include:
Greeting people and dogs appropriately
Impulse control exercises – Wait, Leave It, Stop
Play with humans – Drop It – Tug – Fetch
Play and social behavior between dogs
Recall and Leash skills
Socializing exercises to address reactivity, over-arousal and fear

Manners ‘n More – Basic and Advanced

A class for friendly dogs of any age.

6, 1 hour classes held every 2 weeks.
$220 including GST.
North Vancouver and Coquitlam outdoor locations.
Register by calling:  604-868-5145 or email

This class is geared toward teaching and proofing your obedience skills outside in local parks where we like to spend time with our dogs. The great outdoors can be a challenge for dogs who are still learning!  If you are still working on your training, have a newly adopted dog or just want to do something different with your dog, this class is for you.  Come out and be part of our fun and supportive group!

Huffy Hounds – a Workshop Like no Other!

Do you have a Huffy Hound?  Is your dog reactive, fearful, or aggressive?  We can help.

 4, 1.5 hour weekly classes
$180 including GST (Existing Clients only).
$300 including GST (New Clients – price includes a private assessment and training session and 4 weeks of class).

North Vancouver and Coquitlam outdoor locations.
Register by calling:  604-868-5145 or email

Note:  Not all reactive dogs are immediately eligible for class and may require some private sessions before proceeding into a group class setting. Our criteria for your dog’s eligibility will be discussed with each client privately.

Each week we work through a series of exercises designed to help each individual dog learn to cope with challenging situations.  We also work on training specific skills as an alternative to reactive behaviour.  If appropriate, friendly, neutral dogs help us in class with social skill building.  The humans in class learn about dog body language and appropriate social skill and play behaviour.  The goal is to help people make and see progress with their dogs throughout an ongoing series of classes.

Private Consultations
Email or call Valerie 604-868-5145

We use Force-Free Training Methods in all of our classes and in all of our work with dogs – yours and ours.

ourdoor class

We do not use and we discourage the use of choke collars, prong collars, electric shock collars, electric fencing or other tools or other methods of force-based training.  We believe in the proper use of learning theory and helping dogs learn to think for themselves.  It’s fun, fast and efficient – and you know what?  It lasts a lifetime!

For more information:
604-868-5145 or